Buried in School Work

While I was on the inside, I didn’t have too much trouble keeping up with the homework of two classes. But, now I have a full time job I have to do first. I find that the homework is harder to get to. And this is only with two classes. I can’t imagine how I would try to keep up with five classes. Not with a job too. So, my hat’s off to those that do juggle a full time job and a full load of classes. I don’t think I could do it. And that means I’ll be going Continue reading

I am Back

Warn the world.  I am back, and happy to be.  It took me a little while to get this website back under my control, and it feels good.  It is pretty late, so I am just putting this here to replace the default WordPress first post. I will write something more in the next day or two.  Please be patient with me.  Until then, stay safe, and I’ll write soon.